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Wedding Planning Services- A Way to Realize Your Vision of Dream Wedding

Do you have big dreams for your D-day? If yes, make your dreams come true by ensuring perfect execution of every plan. Wedding, a once in a lifetime occasion encompasses plethora of tasks, responsibilities, and various types of arrangements such as decoration, refreshments, accommodation for the guests, deciding color theme..the list is endless. Many people follow DIY route. This is because they consider availing the professional assistance as an extravagance expense. However such people are sure to land into trouble at a later stage. Such a ceremonial event requires a professional event planner. Amidst myriad of other responsibilities, he takes the planning responsibility off your shoulder and makes the wedding day as flawless as possible. This is an assured way to realize your vision. Let’s have a look.

Experts equipped with innovative ideas and contingency plans

Smart ones always consider hiring the services of a wedding event planner. The professionals are equipped with necessary tools, in-depth knowledge, and wide contacts, and manpower to ensure a hassle-free wedding. They are even trained enough to handle the last minute urgencies and offer the expert solution wherever required.

Implements everything as per the clients’ needs

An experienced wedding planner considers having a word of mouth with their clients so that they can understand the visions and desires of the wedding couple. After getting an estimate of the budget, he makes the best arrangement for the day.

Wide contact with many other professional providers

He has liaison with many other event planning providers so that he can come with the best ideas to make your event a memorable affair. He gets everything done as per the latest trend so that your eve becomes talk of the town.

Adept in providing assortment of services

They act no less than a consultant and a guide in getting every minute detail executed. They play a key role in carrying out various tasks such as-

  • Decoration
  • Interior designing
  • Selecting the best wedding venue
  • Making best refreshment arrangements for the guest
  • Impeccable lightning
  • Checking the checklist time and again

Thinking to hire a wedding planner for your big day? If yes, we at Marquee Events are a one stop shop for you. Just give us an insight about your visions; rest we will get everything discharged accordingly. Perfection and professionalism is the hallmark of our services. To avail our expertise, give us a call on 770-360-8888. We are available 24×7 to assist you in every possible manner. For more queries, you can get in touch with us online.

Kaithy DavisWedding Planning Services- A Way to Realize Your Vision of Dream Wedding
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Top things to look for when considering an event management company

Planning a big scale event can bring to you a lot of pressure along with perplexed thoughts. This happens usually, when you are a novice and do not possess knowledge about planning and organizing. A correct strategy, however, is very important in order to take forward an event with full efficiency and productivity. Therefore, an event management company is a must when your aim is to throw a successful party or get together for your loved ones.

There are certain tips that you must consider while selecting an event management company for your big occasions. Take a look at these below mentioned points to know more:

Time management:

The most important feature of an event management company is that it should know how to manage time because that is, what plays the main role in the entire planning process. It does not matter how many contacts or links a company has, the schedule it makes should be on point and must be followed with utmost focus and attentiveness.

Proper Explanations:

Every step that an event management company takes towards planning an event should be first discussed with the person who wants this event or party to take place. Proper explanation of each and every plan should be given to the owner so that they can make changes and let the team know what they want to add or remove.


Another quality to look for in an event management company is that it should be very flexible in nature. This means that it should be capable and manageable enough to handle any sort of last moment adjustments. Events or parties sometimes call for instant changes. This however, can be managed by only that team and company which has expert knowledge and experience.

Are you looking forward to throw a grand party? Consider Marquee Events for all your arrangements. Our team has expert knowledge of this field and ensures that every plan will be made will full efficiency. Not only this but we also maintain good contacts in the market place due to which your budget will never be an issue. We will make sure that the best is served to you within your planned budget. To know more about our services, feel free to give us a call at 770-360-8888. We promise to provide you with the finest. Wish to hear from you soon.

Kaithy DavisTop things to look for when considering an event management company
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Hosting an Event for the First Time? Consider Some Tips

Planning an event is a task that requires plethora of efforts, a creative mind, and comes with myriad of responsibilities. For the professionals, hosting a great event is like the back of their hand. But for the amateurs, it is a herculean task. Plethora of chores can baffle the person and any misstep can lead to drastic repercussion, thus destroying your entire event. So, if you are holding any event for the very first time, here are some of the tips that you should take into account. Taking them in deliberation, will assure you a success. Let’s have a look.

What type of event you are holding?
The first and foremost step to consider is to determine what type of event you are holding. Is it a formal event or an informal get together? Will it be organized at large scale or at small scale? What about the number of people who will be invited? Formulate a clear answer to all these questions in your mind, then start planning ahead.

Make a wishlist
Make a wishlist that should include all the quintessential things which you want to be present in your event. It can be arrangements regarding lightning, catering, décor, fun activities, audio visual equipment, and styling. Make it so much appealing that the spectators love to be a part of your event.

Employ an event planner
If you want your event to be best in the town, but lack the skills for perfect execution; here’s the best solution for you. Get in touch with a professional event management company. The dexterous planners will take care of every minuscule detail while planning the event. With them, you can be assured that everything will be carried out as per your budget. Moreover, you can have peace of mind as there will be no scope for negligence.

Choose wisely
Amidst lot of burden, anxiety, and haste; you might end up making mistakes in choosing the right venue for your event. The occurrence of such flaws is high if you are inexperienced in this field. So, it is always recommended to hook up with a reputed event planner who will assist you throughout the event planning process. You can even avail the assistance of your experienced friend or acquaintance.

Are you shortly staging an event? If yes, then get in touch with Marquee Events. We are an Atlanta based professional event management company. We believe in ultimate perfection. Our staff is equipped in impeccable event planning and special event hosting experience. No matter, what type of event it is, just give us a call on 770-360-8888. Feel free to discuss your needs with us. You can even email us your queries.

Kaithy DavisHosting an Event for the First Time? Consider Some Tips
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Consider event management companies for making your casino themed parties unforgettable

Casino themed party is a great idea for bringing together people from different corners. It is a source through which one can generate guest interaction by uniting them as one, under the same shelter. Planning such events always turns out to be beneficiary for all. But what creates problem is the process of organizing it with full efficiency and perfection.

Taking into consideration an event management company for this purpose proves ideal. Since they have in depth knowledge of the market place and are expert in planning all types of events at all scales, they know how to carry forward this procedure, skilfully.

There are countless things that event management companies can do to make your party successful and happening. Below mentioned are top points which will give you an idea of their work. Take a look:


Invitation sending is a tedious task which needs to be done with utmost care and attention so that you do not miss out anybody who is of extreme importance. Not only this, but with passage of time we also have developed unique tastes. These include sending stylish and designer invitations which will speak of our class and standard.  Since event management companies know all these techniques well, they can perform each and every task, capably.

Bookings and arrangements:

A casino themed party calls for various arrangements like food and drinks, seating plans, gaming tables, dance floor setups, staff and what not.  Arranging all this can be very difficult for a novice. However, an event management company will be of great help through this all. They can arrange the best things within your budget and can execute way better than what your vision is for the event.


A party can be planned by anybody, but the kind of atmosphere it demands for generating spark and joyousness is not easy to bring by all. This is the main purpose for which one must consider an event management company. They know how to light up any event by their own techniques and methods.

Want to plan a fun filled and classy casino party for your friends or family? Get in touch with us at Marquee Events to make your event memorable. To know more about us and our services, you can give our team a call at 770-360-8888. We promise to provide you with the best possible services. Wish to hear from you soon.

Kaithy DavisConsider event management companies for making your casino themed parties unforgettable
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